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Mr. Hargan  as over 37 years of experience helping clients recover damages for a personal injury loss related to automobile accidents, pedestrian injury, dog bits and other serious injuries.  Many people do not realize that they may be entitled to a  monitory (money) recovery from the person or company at fault which is often paid by their insurance company.  A person who is injured by the negligence (fault) of another is entitled to monitory  (money) damages which includes medical bills, wage loss, property damage and as sum to reimburse you for your "pain and suffering" as a result of your injury.  You are entitled to this recover even if you health insurance paid for the doctor bills and your auto insurance company fixed or replaced your car.  For  example if you are rear ended by a car or a car runs a red light hitting you or you car you most likely are entitled to a settlement from the insurance company for the other person who caused the accident even if it was just an unintentional "accident" because the law protects you from the negligence of another that causes you injury.  Navigating the law and negotiating with the insurance companies can be difficult and the insurance companies are experts in paying the lowest amount they can get away with.  Mr. Hargan is experienced negotiating with the insurance companies and knows how to get your case resolved as quickly and for the most possible recovery as possible. 

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